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  • Software Installation
  • Types of Images
  • Types of resolution
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Overview of Workspace
  • Color Modes
  • Tools
    • Selection tools
    • Crop & Slice tools
    • Retouching Tools
    • Painting tools
    • Drawing Tools
    • Type Tools
    • Navigation tools
    • Annotation Tools
    • Measurement Tools
    • Tools using option Bar
    • Rulers,Grids and Guides
  • Layers
    • Layer Basics
    • Grouping and Link Layers
    • Layer Effects and Style
    • Smart Objects
    • Smart Filters
    • Blending Modes
  • Masking Concepts
    • Layer Mask
    • Vector Mask
    • Create Clipping Mask
  • Filters
    • Filter Basics
    • Filter Effects
    • Lighting Filters
    • Customized Filter Effects
  • Actions
  • Creating Animated Gif files
  • Designing different styles of Menu Bars
  • Design Logos & Banners
  • Design Buttons & Icons
  • Design a Web Layouts


  • Software Installation
  • Introduction To 2D Animation
  • Difference Between 2D & 3D
  • Introduction To Flash
  • Overview of Workspace
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tools
    • Selection tools
    • Crop & Slice tools
    • Retouching Tools
    • Painting tools
    • Drawing Tools
    • Type Tools
    • Navigation tools
    • Annotation Tools
    • Measurement Tools
    • Tools using Property Inspector
  • Rulers, Grids and Guides
  • Layers
  • Understanding the Timeline
  • Types Of Animation Methods
    • Frame By Frame Method With Examples
    • Motion Tween Method With Examples
    • Shape Tween Method With Examples
  • Types Of Symbols
    • Movie Clip Symbol With Examples
    • Button Symbol With Examples
    • Graphic Symbol With Examples
  • Masking Concepts with Examples
  • Motion Guide with Examples
  • Various Flash Effects
  • Flash Banners
  • Timeline Effects
  • Filters
  • Basics of Action Script with Examples
  • Design Menu Bar
  • Design a Web Layout


  • Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • What is Adobe Illustrator.
  • Installing Illustrator via Creative Cloud.
  • Touring the Illustrator interface.
  • Exploring the Illustrators Tools panel.
  • Creating new documents.
  • Modifying and saving your documents.
  • Setting up your Illustrator preferences.
  • Navigating Your Documents
  • Navigating a single document.
  • Navigating multiple documents.
  • Working with Illustrators panels.
  • Building and saving your own workspace.
  • Understanding screen modes.
  • Creating and using custom views.
  • Creating and using custom guides.
  • Locking and hiding artwork.
  • Artboards
  • Creating multiartboard documents.
  • Exploring the Artboards panel.
  • Adding artboards on the fly.
  • Manipulating artboards with the Artboard tool.
  • Exporting your artboards as files.
  • Layers
    • Exploring the Layers panel.
    • Creating and editing layers.
    • Targeting objects inside the Layers panel.
    • Working with sublayers.
    • Hiding, locking, and deleting layers.
    • Tips for organizing your artwork using layers.
  • Drawing Basic Shapes
    • Understanding vector paths.
    • Drawing basic lines and curves.
    • Drawing spirals.
    • Drawing rectangles and ellipses.
    • Drawing polygons and stars.
    • Using the Pencil tool for freehand drawing.
    • Modifying existing shapes and paths.
    • Exploring Illustrators drawing modes.
  • Transforming Objects
    • Using the Direct Selection tool.
    • Grouping objects together.
    • Using isolation mode to edit grouped artwork.
    • Moving and duplicating objects.
    • Scaling objects.
    • Rotating objects.
    • Distorting and transforming objects.
    • Using the Transform Each command.
    • Reflecting objects.
  • Fills and Strokes
    • Adding color fills to your objects.
    • Creating and using gradient fills.
    • Adding strokes to your objects.
    • Adding endpoints and dashed lines to your strokes.
    • Adding gradient strokes to your objects
    • Creating variable width strokes
  • Color
    • Understanding CMYK vs. RGB color
    • Adjusting Illustrators color settings
    • Understanding process vs. global swatches
    • Creating and using spot colors
    • Working with color groups.
    • Importing Adobe Color themes.
    • Loading ASE files into Illustrator.
  • Using the Appearance Panel
    • Exploring the Appearance panel.
    • Attribute stacking order explained.
    • Applying multiple fills and strokes.
    • Working with live effects.
    • Saving appearances as graphic styles.
  • Creating Complex Shapes
    • Creating compound paths and shapes.
    • Working with the Pathfinder panel.
    • Using the Illustrator Brush tools.
    • Using the Eraser tool.
    • Creating artwork with the Shape Builder tool.
  • Pen Tool
    • Pen tool basics.
    • Drawing curves with the Pen tool.
    • Drawing complete shapes with the Pen tool.
    • Enabling and disabling the rubberband preview.
    • Avoiding the whips with the Pen tool.
    • Tracing exercise.
  • Type
    • Creating point and area type objects.
    • Making basic edits with the Control panel.
    • Exploring the type panels.
    • Flowing text around objects.
    • Setting type onto a path.
    • Learning essential type shortcuts
    • Adding Typekit desktop fonts to Illustrator.
    • Converting text into paths.
  • Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator
    • Placing linked images into Illustrator.
    • Working with the Links panel.
    • Embedding images into your Illustrator documents.
    • Using clipping masks.
    • Using the Image Trace panel.
    • Converting pixels into paths.
  • Printing and Exporting Artwork
    • Printing your artwork.
    • Saving files for print using PDF.
    • Packaging files for print production.
    • Saving files for the web.
    • Saving in legacy formats.
    • Placing linked Illustrator files into Photoshop.
    • Placing linked Illustrator files into InDesign.


  • Getting started
  • Adding or editing text
    • Adding or replacing graphics
  • Printing and creating a PDF
  • Working with InDesign Documents
    • Exploring the application window.
    • Navigating and zooming.
    • Selecting objects.
    • Working with panels.
    • Setting rulers and measurements.
    • Adjusting view and preview settings.
    • Saving and reverting documents.
    • Saving for CS4, CS5, or CS6 with IDML.
  • Creating a Document
    • New documents.
    • Putting ruler guides on your page.
    • Adding text frames.
    • Typing and editing text.
    • Applying basic text formatting.
    • Importing graphics.
    • Bleeding colors or images off the side of the page.
  • Managing Pages
    • Inserting, deleting, and moving pages.
    • Creating and applying master pages.
    • Overriding master page items.
    • Setting margin and column guides.
    • Changing page size.
    • Adding page numbering.
    • Changing page numbering with sections.
  • Text
    • Inserting special characters.
    • Importing text.
    • Threading text frames.
    • Setting text frame columns.
    • Setting text inset and vertical justification.
    • Allowing text frames to grow and shrink.
    • Putting text on a path.
    • Using the Story Editor.
    • Checking spelling.
    • Using Find/Change.
  • Graphics
    • Setting the view quality of artwork.
    • Using the Links panel.
    • Editing graphics in their original app.
    • Fitting graphics to the frame.
    • Taking advantage of image transparency and clipping paths.
    • Inserting QR codes.
  • Formatting Objects
    • Stroking and filling frames and paths.
    • Colorizing images. Adjusting transparency
    • Adding drop shadows.
    • Using other transparency effects.
    • Copying formatting with the Eyedropper tool.
    • Finding and changing object formatting.
  • Color
    • Creating color swatches.
    • Understanding the danger (and power) of unnamed colors.
    • Creating gradient swatches.
    • Applying gradients.
  • Frames And Paths
    • Drawing and editing path and frame shapes.
    • Adding rounded corners and other corner options.
    • Making polygons and starbursts.
    • Creating text outlines.
  • Managing Objects
    • Stacking objects.
    • Creating and controlling layers.
    • Managing objects in the Layers panel.
    • Grouping and locking objects.
    • Nesting objects.
    • Aligning and distributing.
    • Understanding text wrap.
    • Using anchored objects.
  • Transforming Objects
    • Duplicating objects. Rotating objects.
    • Scaling objects.
    • Skewing objects.
    • Mirroring objects.
  • Character Formatting
    • Applying advanced character formatting
    • Changing case.
    • Using Find/Change for text formatting.
    • Using Find Font.
  • Paragraph Formatting
    • Applying formatting to a paragraph
    • Using drop caps.
    • Adding rules (lines) above or below a paragraph.
    • Spanning a paragraph across multiple columns. Shading paragraphs and boxes.
    • Setting tabs
    • Adding automatic bullets.
    • Numbering paragraphs.
  • Styles
    • Creating and applying paragraph styles.
    • Using character styles.
    • Editing and redefining styles.
    • Using object styles.
  • Tables
    • Creating a table.
    • Adjusting rows and columns.
    • Adding, moving, and deleting rows and columns.
    • Formatting a table. Formatting cells
    • Placing graphics in cells.
  • Interactive Documents
    • Adding hyperlinks.
    • Creating an interactive PDF.
    • Exporting a reflowable EPUB.
    • Exporting a fixed-layout EPUB.
  • Packing, Printing And Exporting
    • Packaging for output.
    • Using the Print dialog box.
    • Exporting a PDF.
    • Exporting text.

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Testimonials (Student Speaks)

There are numerous resources and free studies material in the internet,however You will need to have a high standard Institutes to complete your studies and that is Sivasoft Institutes. They have made the best efforts to provide accurate information on subject,Remember Sivasoft Institutes is your best source for all educational information in Hyderabad.


I(Manoj Kumar) an engineering graduate joined in Sivasoft for the course HTML5, CSS3 six months back and I found it really beneficial to my skills and the real time project that I did under the guidance of Mr.Siva Kumar was one of the best approaches that i relished in recent times. The training provided in HTML5 and CSS3 in this institute is the best in the industry. I definetly recommend new students to join Sivasoft for their bright future and life


"I am Raghu from Hyderabad. I completed my Web Designing & SEO Professional Training in Siva Soft Training Institute in Ameerpet. Excellent faculty by this institute, they trained me very good in Web Designing and SEO courses. Faculty helped me in each topic while in real time project. Now, I'm working both Freelancer Web Designing & SEO Professional and some private company. I'm really glad to this institute. "

– Raghu R (Web Design Course / SEO / SEM / SMO)

"Myself Sagar completed Ruby On Rails Course in Sivasoft. The Training was excellent now iam working in xxxx company in banglore.Thanks to sivasoft

– Sagar k (Ruby On Rails)

"Siva soft training is very good and faculty has given confidence in subject. They move with students very friendly. I like this institute and this is the No1 institute for SEO/SEM training"

– Robert K (SEO / SEM Training)

"The course for web designing at Siva soft Training was a very good learning experience. Prior to joining the course, I had a basic knowledge of HTML and Photoshop. The course material was highly structured with hands-on sessions. Now, I am confident that I can design any website to suit my needs and requirements. Infact this has helped me design and develop my site from scratch. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a professional seo expert"

– Kavya M (SEO / SEM)

" SEO Trainer @ Siva soft Trainings is a really SEO Guru and knowledgeable SEO expert. He is patient and capable and really goes the extra mile to make sure you understand his SEO subject."

– Geetha (SEO SEM Training)

"Good Experience with institute and the way of teaching is very fine. Management is very fine and just one thing i can say teaching of Faculty is very fine."

– V Rakesh (SEM Training)

"The indepth knowledge of Faculty as far as how google works and how Adwords operates is something extraordinary. The way he teaches is also very simple that you might learn the most difficult concept with utmost ease ."

– James (Online SEO / SEM Training)

"My experience with Faculty is Very Immense, from the point of view to learn SEO and SEM Concepts. Faculty is a really a SEO Guru and by my heart I mean it. He has lots of patience and he goes the extra mile to make you understand the SEO Concepts. I highly recommend to all Online Marketers to take your Advance SEO Training Course from Faculty at Sivasoft and go one more step ahead in your career. Thank you so much!"

– Lokesh (Bombay (Online SEO/SEM Training))

"Fine Institute and Good Faculty for SEO/SEM Training"

– Syed Chandhu (SEO / SEM Training Hyderabad)

"I feel great to join in Sivasoft for Web Design, SEO and SEM Training. I learn lots of Techniquies after joining this institute"

– S manoj Kumar (SEO / SEM Training & Web Design Course)

"I am glad taking training over here"

– Priyanka (SEO Training Hyderabad)

"Sagar has taught me, how I can use simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help my business stay competitive.”

– Audrey Sarasota , Florida (Online SEO / SEM Training)

“It was a very good experience especially for someone like me who came all the way from Hyderabd just for this course. I would suggest the seo/sem program to everyone seeking a career in online marketing. The examples, illustrations, case studies and content in the course were really good. Studying at seo/sem indeed helped me get placed in a very good company ”

– Daniel D’costa, Baroda, Gujarat (Online SEO/SEM Training)

"After completing my graduation, I thought of going for SEO training as suggested by one of my friend who is in an IT company. Before joining the training, I researched a lot about SEO & its future scope. I came to know, its one of the hottest field in India. When I was about to join a Siva soft training institute Hyderabad, I found this SEO training institute (I am really thankful for that). I went to Mumbai & join this. I don’t think I could get such friendly atmosphere & way of teaching elsewhere."

– Sunil gowda (Online SEO/SEM Training)

"I had completed 1 successful project with high competitive keywords which boosted my confidence in SEO. I could find a good SEO job in any company but I opted for my own way of making money online with the help of this course & that is what I liked most about this training. I really appreciate & recommend this training to all."

– Shashi Suman ,USA. (Web Design Course / SEO / SEM / SMO)

I have already completed SEO training in another institute. Although, I was able to get a job in SEO company but I thought I am missing something. After 1 year, one of my friend suggested me to try this SEO training at Siva soft. Then I got the real meaning of SEO from this training"

– Pratap,hyderabad (SEO / SEM / SMO)

What I learned in my earlier training was completely different & that was the prime reason I have not promoted to senior SEO in my company. I am 100% confident, not only I will get promoted, I can find a much better job in another company. Thanks for your valuable guidance during this training.

– Sadique, Mumbai (Online SEO / SEM / SMO)

I joined for Web designing course in sivasoft, they followed standards in way of teaching is excellent.In future i would like to join for other courses like Jquery and ajax.Iwould recommend this Institute

– suresh (Web Designing)

web designing training was excellent and sivasoft is best in dealing with latest versions with updated content.

– Janardhan (Web Designing)

"I am Prasad.B joined in Sivasoft, Ameerpet, Hyderabad for ruby on rails and got job in rails detectives at banglore. Faculty has best approaches towards the students perception, and training provided by him is very good, I definitely recommend few students to learn ruby on rails in sivasoft and fetch a good job"

– Prasad.B (Ruby on rails)

"Glad to listen Kumar sir's teaching and he is really exeptional and his patience and clear clarity on subject made him to have that grip on subject and he explains each and single doubt with very patience and I refer any body to learn ruby on rails in siva soft."

– kiran kumar (Ruby on rails)

"Hello, I am suresh I have learned ruby on rails in siva soft and the training is very good and i rate him 5 for his teaching he can fill the subject directly to us and now i feel confident on the subject now."

– Suresh (Ruby on rails)

"hello, I am vaishali Sivasoft Faculties sir is very knowledged on this technology and the training was good and sir explained me all the versions of ruby."

– Vaishali (Ruby on rails)

" hello, the training in siva sotware is very good and i am very satisfied with the training and i got a job in banglore, and the sir training was very helpful."

– Eswar (WebDesigning)

Learning PHP was a pleasant experience here. faculty has indepth knowledge of all the concepts what ever he is explaining. He follows a perfect methodology of explaining the concepts. I definitely recommend students to join SIVASOFT for their bright future

– Ramesh (php)

I joined in sivasoft for php course ,i gain good knowledge in sivasoft and Very Practical approach. Faculty has also been impressive with their wide knowledge.Should discuss some interview related questions at the end of the session,giving good guidence. Clasroom and teaching are really interesting.

– kamala (PHP,MySql,Joomla,Drupal)

Hi,i am Satish, I joined Web Designing course in Sivasoft. I think its the best institute for learning web designing and faculty is very friendly with us and he teach everything in realtime examples. So if you want to join web designing course, sivasoft is the Best institute.

– Satish (WebDesigning)

Hi,i am Manasa, Joined for Ruby On Rails in Sivasoft.Sivasoft faculties are very friendly in helping realtime doubts and also the way they follow teaching was excellent and providing backup classes

– Manasa (Ruby On Rails)

Hi,myself shasi. I am a working professional I did PHP with oops & MySQL in Sivasoft. I got the right institute to learn PHP & MySQL. This is the best institute for PHP Training in hyderabad. Thankyou sivasoft .

– shasidhar (PHP & MySQL)

This is Santosh p. I have completed my web designing course. Thanks for siva sir for giving me clarity in subject and cleared all my doubts. I learned practically a lot of subject comparing to other institutes. I look forward to get some more trainings in future. The faculty is very well experience" .

– Santosh p (WebDesigning)

I came to sivasoft to be able to do just basic web designing work. But, i was pleasantly surprised by the extensive content they have to offer @ a competitive price. the teaching/ Faculty has also been impressive with their knowledge in SIVASOFT . I would definitely recommend SIVASOFT for the web designing course & look forward for their online classes for the future courses.

– vasanth (WebDesigning,Jquery,Ajax)

"The courses which (jquerymobile,phonegap and PHP/MySQL) I have learned in "SIVASOFT"are really knowledgeable and very helpful to me. I really want to do some other courses later. The faculty are very experienced and practical oriented. I would like to prefer this institute for every one who want to become Professional Designer / Developer."

– SRUTHI.MALLA (Online Web Design Course UK)

"SIVASOFT is one of the best Institute for learning web designing and web development courses in hyderabad"

– Gowrishankar (WebDesigning)

"Excellent Practical Exposure and Good Faculty" kiran kumar,Mobile web apps / PHP Training

– Ravikumar (WebDesigning)

"I feel that the training is good and the faculty have given good subject knowledge" Anvitha paruchuri,Ruby on Rails

– Anvitha (Ruby on Rails)

"The faculty of Sivasoft are well experienced and giving training inrealtime oriented, i feel very happy for taking training from this institute"

– srujana (Android+corejava)

Faculty are teaching in friendly manner.the way of they teaching is easy to understand. I learn a lot on Zend php Framework

– (Zend php Framework)

Sivasoft has good staff as well as professional faculty who are working in realtime on the particular subject so it helps us to achieve our goals under their guidance.

– Ajay Babu (android+corejava)

"Sivasoft faculty is Good and understandable.they giving good guidence so now iam able to work better in realtime."

– Kishore (php,drupal)

First day when i joined in Sivasoft, I did not know that i am able to get a job. But now i got a job with good package". sivasoft has provided assistance for me to find a good job.thankyou Sivasoft

– Dhanaprasad (Ruby on Rails)

I thank you very much to Sivasoft who has given me drupal very good training and i stand like a professional drupal (Content Management System)designer ,before joining in this course i cant able to do websites in CMS now i can able to creates websites in a proper way.

– karthik (zend framework,drupal)

I have done online zend framework training in sivasoft with my own hosting and i have developed my own website with Zend php framework.I would like to thank my faculty(laxmi narasimha sir) for the support and response in clearing doubts indeed.

– G.V.reddy (zend framework)

I am very impressed on sivasoft by taking java(core,advanced) course and i planned to take two more courses like spring and hibernate.

– Balu, hyd (java(core,advanced))

I am Prasad.S joined in Sivasoft, Ameerpet, Hyderabad for the course HTML5 and got job in software industry. It is best institute in Ameerpet in my opinion. I was trained well by Mr. Siva Kumar in this institute so thanks to Mr. Siva.


"Hi friends I am Naveen working with xxxxxxxxxxx as a UI designer, I completed UI development course in SivaSoft , I can say that SivaSoft is best institute for UI development SivaSoft is recently opened but most powerful, If u r looking for UI development training institute in Hyderabad then I sincerely suggest you people to join in SivaSoft ".

– Naveen (HTML 5, CSS 3.0, JQUERY, AJAX)

My name is Saikumar.I Searched many institutes about real time project .But, i didn't find.Once i had seen Sivasoft.I attended demo.By that time i decided to join HTML 5, CSS 3.0, JQUERY, AJAX, PHP with OOPS & MYSQL course with Project.Iam Learn Lot of things from Sivasoft now Iam having confidence on subject and attending interviews.Sivasoft is a better, best & I dont otherthan this words

– Sai kumar (HTML 5, CSS 3.0, JQUERY, AJAX, PHP with OOPS & MYSQL)

My name is Sudheer.Its a better training academy for mobile advance applications ever started in hyderabad.So keep rocking with updated technologies.


My name is t.Venkateswarlu.I have joined in sivasoft for mobile and web application development training and iam fully satisfied for receiving subject, material, and advanced realtime oriented subject .


My name is xxxxxxxxxxxx.Teaching is good.Lab facility is also good,way of teaching is good with realtime examples is excellent. Finally Iam satisfied with this Institute .


My name is anil kumar.Sivasoft providing good classes(means subject) and as well as lab facility and also providing realtime it will be useful in realtime environment.


My name is vijay kumar.Realtime explanation is good.Teaching is excellent and explanation is very clear so any type of students can able to understand .


My name is Praveen. I have completed CSS in Sivasoft it helped me to develop my skill. I had done a real time project under the guidance of the faculty. The explanation and the way of approach to the students is good.

– K. Praveen Kumar Vamsi (Web Desgining)

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