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FACULTY : Mr. Karunakar(7+Years exp)
Getting Started
  • Course Introduction
  • Learning objectives
  • Configuring 3ds Max and 3ds Max design
  • Setting up units
  • Setting display units to architectural
  • Assigning a project folder
  • Creating a prototype folder
Pre production and planning
  • Pre-Planning the production
  • Developing thestory board sketch style
  • Examining a sample storyboard
  • Planning the scene level of details
  • Understanding level of details
  • Planning file output
  • Modeling in 3Ds Max
  • Understanding shapes
  • Saving incremental files
  • Cloning shapes
  • Creating outline shapes
  • Attaching shapes
  • Editing Closed 2D shapes
  • Trimming and welding splines
  • Filtering a vertex
  • Understanding mesh and poly objects
  • Discovering the editable poly object type
  • Converting object types
  • Introducing Materials
  • Understanding the slate material editor
  • Creating schematic materials
  • Learning the arch and design material
  • Adjusting shaders
  • Editing reflectivity
  • Assigning a material
  • Using map patterns
  • Simulating Geometry
  • Working wit unwrap UVW
  • Editing materials ID's
  • Assigning a multi/sub-object material
  • Learning direct and indirect light
  • Discovering daylight
  • Placing a daylight system
  • Adjusting location
  • Adjusting physical sky
  • Understanding photometric lights
  • Enabling streetlights in a scene
  • Enabling global illumination
  • Introducing rendering
  • Learning about still image
  • Understanding still image resolution
  • Rendering still images etc...
  • Understanding the cameras impportance
  • Discovering the traditional camera shots
  • Learning effective camera distance
  • Changing viewer distance
  • Discovering the depth of field
  • Adding depth of field to control focus
Effects and Dynamics
  • Understanding particle effects
  • Creating a particle flow
  • Discovering 3ds max dynamics
  • Simulating rigid bodies
  • Draping a table cloth
  • Considering the final output
  • Underi=standing the scene states
  • Setting up scene states for rendering
  • Understanding batch rendering
  • Configuring a batch rendering Queue
LEED lighting analysis
  • Introducing lighting analysis
  • Understanding lighting analysis
  • Learning who uses lighting analysis
  • Identifying issues for lighting analysis
  • Examining scene and modeling issues
  • Bulding to scale
  • Understanding 3D lighting design
  • Examining real world lighting
Lighting the scene
  • Understanding Lighting preparation
  • Creating a ground plane
  • Discovering the daylight system
Scene materials
  • Understanding scene materials
  • Identifying scene materials
Lighting analysis for presentation
  • Introducing lighting analysis for presentation
  • Understanding lighting analysis tools
Rendering an analysis
  • Rendering a complete analysis


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