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top 10 best training course institutes for RUBY ON RAILS in ameerpet hyderabad india


best training course institutes for RUBY ON RAILS in ameerpet hyderabad india


Ruby is a cross-platform interpreted language which has many features in common with other ‘scripting’ languages such as Perl and Python. It has an ‘English language’ style syntax which looks somewhat Pascal-like at first sight. It is thoroughly object oriented, and has a good deal in common with the great-granddaddy of ‘pure’ OO languages, Smalltalk. It has been said that the lan-guages which most influenced the development of Ruby were: Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada and Lisp. The Ruby language was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto (commonly known as ‘Matz’) and it was first released in 1995.


Currently much of the excitement surrounding Ruby can be attributed to a web development framework called Rails – popularly known as ‘Ruby On Rails’. Rails is an impressive framework but it is not the be-all and end-all of Ruby. Indeed, if you were to leap right into Rails development without first mastering Ruby, you might find that you end up creating applications that you don’t even understand (this is, in fact, all too common among Ruby On Rails novices). Understanding Ruby is a necessary prerequisite of understanding Rails.

  • Div or Tableless Layout
  • Javascript Integration
  • Integrating Jquery UI plugins
  • Integrating third party plugins like menu bar, image banners and carousel
  • Form Validations
  • Data Grid
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Layout
  • Responsive Layout


  • Overview of Web Development
    • Client-side Programming
    • Server-side Programming
  • Types of Webpages
    • Static Webpage
    • Dynamic Webpage
    • Server Webpage
  • Types Of Languages
    • Programming Languages
    • Scripting Languages
  • Introduction To HTML
  • Structure Of HTML
  • Tag
    • Empty Tag
    • Container Tag
  • Basic Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Attributes & Parameters
  • Formatting Tags
  • Phrase Tags
  • Comments
  • Font tag
  • Image tag
  • Link Tags
  • Image Link
  • Text Link
  • Email Link
  • Colors
  • Marquee Tag
  • List
    • Order List
    • Unorder List
    • Definition List
  • Table Tag
  • Form tags
  • Frame Tag
  • Background Colors & Images
  • Embed Multimedia - Movie, Music
  • Introduction To XHTML
  • Difference Between HTML & XHTML
  • Introduction To Doctypes
  • W3C
  • Introduction To HTML 5

Cascading Stylesheets(CSS)

  • CSS
    • Introduction
    • Syntax
    • Advantages
  • Types of Stylesheets
    • External style sheet
    • Internal style sheet
    • Inline style
  • Types of Selectors
    • Global
    • Class
    • Id
    • Grouped
    • Descendant
  • Div's & Span tags
  • Colors
  • Background
    • background-color
    • background-image
    • background-repeat
    • background-attachment
    • background-position
  • Font
    • font-family
    • color
    • font-size
    • font-style
    • font-variant
    • font-weight
  • Text
    • Color
    • letter-spacing
    • Word-spacing
    • line-height
    • text-align
    • text-decoration
    • text-indent
    • text-transform
    • vertical-align
    • White-space
    • Direction
  • Images
    • border
    • width
    • height
    • opacilty
  • Links
    • a:link
    • a:visited
    • a:hover
    • a:active
  • Custom Cursors
    • Cursor Styles
    • Custom Cursors
    • Using Custom Cursors
  • Lists
    • list-style-type
    • list-style-position
    • list-style-image
  • Tables
  • Box Model
    • Border & Outline
    • outline
    • margin
    • padding
  • Advanced
    • Dimension
      • height
      • width
      • line-height
      • max-height
      • min-height
      • max-width
      • min-width
    • Display
    • Positioning
    • Layers (Z-index)
    • Floating
    • Scrollbars
    • Align
    • Pseudo-class
    • Pseudo-element
    • Navigation Bar
    • Image Opacity
    • Image Sprites
    • Attribute Selectors
    • CSS Validations(W3C)
    • Don't
  • Introduction to css3.0


  • Introduction to javascript
    • Syntax
    • Statements
    • Comments
  • Enabling in various browsers
  • Popup Boxes
    • Alert
    • Confirm
    • Prompt
  • Variables
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic
    • Assignment
    • Comparison
    • Logical
    • Conditional
  • Conditional Statements
    • if
    • if...else
    • if...else if...else
    • Switch
  • Loops
    • while
    • do...while
    • for
    • Statement
    • Break
    • Continue
  • Functions
    • User-defined Functions
      • Function Syntax
      • Function with Arguments
      • Returning Values from Functions
      • Local and Global Variables
    • Built-in Functions
      • paraseInt and parseFloat
  • Events
    • Introduction
    • OnLoad and onUnload
    • onFocus, onBlur and onChange
    • onSubmit
    • onMouseOver.....
  • Cookies
  • Page redirection
  • Page Printing
  • Built-in Objects
    • Introduction
    • Number
    • Strings
    • Math
    • Arrays
      • Associative
      • Array Properties and Methods
    • Date
    • Boolean
    • Regexp
  • Advanced javascript
    • Error handling
    • Form Validations
      • Basics of Form Validation
      • Validating Radio Buttons
      • Validating Checkboxes
      • Validating Select Menus
      • Validating Textareas
    • Debugging
    • Browsers


  • What is jQuery
  • Downloading and Installing jQuery
  • Creating a Simple Page in jQuery
  • Overview of jQuery Features
  • The Document Ready Function
  • How to use Custom Scripts?


  • How to use Selectors?
  • Name
  • #ID
  • .Class
  • Universal (*)
  • Multiple Elements E, F, G
  • Attribute Selector


  • Mouse Events
  • Keyboard Events
  • Form Events
  • Document/Window Events


  • hide/show
  • fade
  • slide
  • animate
  • toggle
  • stop
  • Callback
  • Chaining


  • Traversing
  • Ancestors
  • Descendants
  • Siblings
  • Filtering

Form Selectors


  • Get
  • Set
  • Add
  • Remove
  • CSS Classes
  • css()
  • Dimensions

jQuery Event Methods

noConflict() Method

AJAX Methods

  • load( )
  • jQuery.get( )
  • )
  • jQuery.getScript( )
  • jQuery.getJSON( )
  • jQuery.ajax( )
  • serialize( )
  • serializeArray( )


AJAX Events

  • ajaxComplete( )
  • ajaxStart( )
  • ajaxError( )


  • Interactions
    • Draggable
    • Droppable
    • Resizable
    • Selectable
    • Sortable
  • Widgets
    • Accordion
    • Autocomplete
    • Button
    • Datepicker
    • Dialog
    • Progressbar
    • Slider
    • Tabs
    • Effects Effect, Show, Hide, Toggle,Color animation, Add class, Remove class, Toggle class, Switch class
    • customizing Jquery theming
    • Jquery Theme Roller

Browser Compatability Testing

  • Importance of Browser Compatibility
  • Testing the site in various browsers
  • Tips to reduce the issues
  • Internet Explorer Conditional Statements


  • What is HTML 5
  • Overview of HTML 5
    • Browser Support
    • W3C and Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). Specifications
    • Power of HTML5 in web & mobile Domains
    • Overview of updated new features
  • HTML5 Syntax
    • The DOCTYPE
    • Character Encoding
    • The <script> tag
    • The <link> tag
    • HTML5 Document
  • Forms
    • color
    • date
    • datetime
    • datetime-local
    • email
    • month
    • number
    • range
    • search
    • tel
    • time
    • url
    • week
  • Form Elements
    • <datalist>
    • <keygen>
    • <output>
  • New attributes for <form>
    • autocomplete
    • novalidate
  • New attributes for <input>
    • autocomplete
    • autofocus
    • form
    • formaction
    • formenctype
    • formmethod
    • formnovalidate
    • formtarget
    • height and width
    • list
    • min and max
    • multiple
    • pattern (regexp)
    • placeholder
    • required
    • step
  • Video and Audio
    • <audio>
    • <video>
    • <source>
    • <embed>
    • <track>
  • Semantic Elements
    • <header>
    • <nav>
    • <section>
    • <article>
    • <aside>
    • <figcaption>
    • <figure>
    • <footer>
  • Structural Elements
    • <canvas>
    • <command>
    • <details>
    • <dialog>
    • <summary>
    • <mark>
    • <meter>
    • <time>
    • <acronym>
    • <center>
    • <font>
    • <frame>
    • <frameset>
    • <s>
    • <u>
    • align-caption, iframe, img, input, legend, table, hr, div, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, td, th, and tr.
    • background-body
    • bgcolor-table, tr, td, th and body.
    • border table
    • cellpadding-table
    • cellspacing-table
    • hspace-img
    • vspace-img
    • noshade-hr
    • rules-table
    • size-hr
    • type-li, ol and ul
    • width-hr, table, td, th, pre.
  • Web Storage
    • Local Storage
    • Session Storage
  • App Cache or Offline Applications
  • Web Workers
  • Server Sent Events
  • MathML
  • Geolocation
  • Drag and Drop API
  • File API
    • Accessing File Information
    • Reading File Content
  • SVG
    • What is SVG?
    • SVG Advantages
    • Differences Between SVG and Canvas
  • Canvas Overview
    • Lines
    • Curves
    • Paths
    • Shapes
    • Color, gradients
    • Image

CSS 3.0

  • CSS 2.0 vs CSS 3.0
  • Introduction to css3
  • whats new in css3.0
  • border radius
  • box shadow
  • text shadow
  • RGBA
  • @FONT Face
  • Google fonts
  • Multiple Columns
  • Box Resize
  • Outline
  • Transitions
  • Transform
  • Animations
  • Gradients
  • Selectors
  • Overview of CSS 3.0 compatabilities for Internet Explorer
  • Converting Layout to HTML 5 & CSS 3


***Content will be upadated as per latest updations.


  • Introduction to RUBY
  • Environment
  • Syntax
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Comments
  • Conditional Statements
    • if
    • if..else
    • if...elsif..else
    • if modifier
    • unless Statement
    • unless modifier
    • case Statement
  • Loops
    • while Statement
    • while modifier
    • until Statement
    • until modifier
    • for Statement
    • break Statement
    • next Statement
    • redo Statement
    • retry Statement
  • Methods
  • Blocks
    • yield
    • Blocks and Methods
    • BEGIN and END
  • Modules
    • require
    • include
    • Mixins in Ruby
  • Strings
  • Arrays
    • Built-in Methods
  • Hashes
    • Built-in Methods
  • Date & Time
    • Current Date and Time
    • components
    • Time.utc, and Time.local Functions
    • Timezones and daylight savings time
    • Formatting Times and Dates
    • Time Formatting Directives
    • Time arithmetic
  • Ranges
    • Sequences
    • Conditions
    • Intervals
  • Iterators
    • each
    • collect
  • File I/O
    • puts
    • gets
    • putc
    • print
    • Opening and Closing Files
    • Reading and Writing Files
    • Renaming and Deleting Files
    • File Modes and Ownership
    • File Inquiries
    • Directories in Ruby
    • Built-in Functions
  • Ruby Exceptions
    • retry Statement
    • raise
    • ensure
    • else
    • Catch and Throw
    • Class Exception


  • Classes
    • Instance Variables
    • Class Variables
    • Global Variables
    • Constants
    • class definition
    • ruby objects
    • initialize method
    • instance variables
    • accessor & setter methods
    • instance methods
    • class methods & variables
    • to_s Method
    • Access Control
    • Class Inheritance
    • Methods Overriding
    • Operator Overloading
    • Freezing Objects
    • Class Constants
    • Create object using allocate
    • Class Information
  • Regular Expressions
  • Database Access
  • Web applications
  • Sending emails
  • Multithreading
  • Web Services


  • Installation on Windows
  • Installation on Linux
  • Mysql Installation on Windows
  • Mysql Installation on Linux
  • RVM
    • Overview of RVM
    • Installation of RVM
    • Usage of RVM
    • Working with n number of applications with RVM
  • Application servers and web servers overview
  • File Structure
  • Controller and Views and Models
  • Routes
  • Migration
    • Migration Overview
    • Creating a Migration
      • Creating a Standalone Migration
      • Model Generators
      • Supported Type Modifiers
    • Writing a Migration
      • Creating a Table
      • Creating a Join Table
      • Changing Tables
      • When Helpers aren't Enough
      • Using the change Method
      • Using reversible
      • Using the up/down Methods
      • Reverting Previous Migrations
    • Running Migrations
      • Rolling Back
      • Setup the Database
      • Resetting the Database
      • Running Specific Migrations
      • Running Migrations in Different Environments
      • Changing the Output of Running Migrations
    • Changing Existing Migrations
    • Using Models in Your Migrations
  • Associations
    • Overview of associations
    • Belongs_to association
    • Has_one association
    • Has_many association
    • Has_many :through association
    • Has_one :through association
    • Has_and_belongs_to_many association
    • Polymorphic association
  • layouts
  • Partials
  • Helpers
    • Custom Helpers
    • Data and time helpers
    • Number helpers
    • Text Helpers
  • Forms
    • Dates and time helpers
    • Escaping input
    • Escaping output
    • Form errors
    • Form field labels
    • Form Helpers
    • Form option helpers
    • Preventing cross-site request forgery
  • Data Validation
    • Validations Overview
      • Why Use Validations?
      • When Does Validation Happen?
      • Skipping Validations
      • valid? and invalid?
      • errors[]
    • Validation Helpers
      • acceptance
      • validates_associated
      • confirmation
      • exclusion
      • format
      • inclusion
      • length
      • numericality
      • presence
      • absence
      • uniqueness
      • validates_with
      • validates_each
      • Common Validation Options
        • :allow_nil
        • :allow_blank
        • :message
        • :on
      • Strict Validations
      • Conditional Validation
        • Conditional Validation
        • Using a Symbol with :if and :unless
        • Using a String with :if and :unless
        • Using a Proc with :if and :unless
        • Grouping Conditional validations
        • Combining Validation Conditions
      • Performing Custom Validations
        • Custom Validators
        • Custom Methods
      • Working with Validation Errors
        • errors
        • errors[]
        • errors.add
        • errors[:base]
        • errors.clear
        • errors.size
      • Displaying Validation Errors in Views
    • CRUD
      • Create_action
      • Read_action
      • Update_action
      • Delete_action
      • Create_action
      • Read_action
      • Update_action
      • Delete_action
    • Rails console
    • Advanced concepts in Rails
      • Action mailer basics
      • Testing in Rails
      • Securing Rails applications
      • Caching with Rails
      • Asset pipeline
      • Extending Rails
      • Gems
        • Overview
        • Usage
        • Customization of Gems
        • Discuss the usage of 20+ Gems
      • Rack
      • Creating and customizing Rails
        • Custom views
        • Custom actions
        • Custom migrations
        • Custom models
        • Custom configurations under development and production
        • Custom routes
        • Custom initializers
        • Custom gems
        • Usage Jquery functionalities for advanced customization
        • Custom Ajax functionalities usage and implementation for Rails
      • Action mailers
        • Configuring smtp setting for development
        • Mailer methods and usage
        • Custom html templates for mailing
        • Mailers as a background process
      • Twitter bootstrap
        • Overview and usage of twitter bootstrap
        • Customization of layouts
        • Responsive layouts
        • Customizable components, CSS
        • Customizable Jquery pre-defined functionalities
    • Application level authentications
      • setup
      • configuration
      • filtering
      • authentication
    • Authentications using social networks(third party)
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Linkedin
      • Google
      • Github
    • Repositories sharing
      • Github overview
      • Github usage
      • Github pull and push operations
      • Github merging operations
      • Github branch creation and usage
      • SSH key generation on local machine
      • Usage of SSH key under Github
      • Git tools(Git GUI,Git cola)
    • HEROKU hosting
      • HEROKU overview and usage
      • Configuration and creating HEROKU application
      • Connection with HEROKU application to Rails application
      • HEROKU hosting
  • Project Oriented Training
  • Course Enquiry

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    There are numerous resources and free studies material in the internet,however You will need to have a high standard Institutes to complete your studies and that is Sivasoft Institutes. They have made the best efforts to provide accurate information on subject,Remember Sivasoft Institutes is your best source for all educational information in Hyderabad.


    I(Manoj Kumar) an engineering graduate joined in Sivasoft for the course HTML5, CSS3 six months back and I found it really beneficial to my skills and the real time project that I did under the guidance of Mr.Siva Kumar was one of the best approaches that i relished in recent times. The training provided in HTML5 and CSS3 in this institute is the best in the industry. I definetly recommend new students to join Sivasoft for their bright future and life

    – B. Manoj Kumar Reddy (HTML 5, CSS 3.0, JQUERY, AJAX, JQUERY MOBILE, PHONEGAP)

    "I am Raghu from Hyderabad. I completed my Web Designing & SEO Professional Training in Siva Soft Training Institute in Ameerpet. Excellent faculty by this institute, they trained me very good in Web Designing and SEO courses. Faculty helped me in each topic while in real time project. Now, I'm working both Freelancer Web Designing & SEO Professional and some private company. I'm really glad to this institute. "

    – Raghu R (Web Design Course / SEO / SEM / SMO)

    "Myself Sagar completed Ruby On Rails Course in Sivasoft. The Training was excellent now iam working in xxxx company in banglore.Thanks to sivasoft

    – Sagar k (Ruby On Rails)

    "Siva soft training is very good and faculty has given confidence in subject. They move with students very friendly. I like this institute and this is the No1 institute for SEO/SEM training"

    – Robert K (SEO / SEM Training)

    "The course for web designing at Siva soft Training was a very good learning experience. Prior to joining the course, I had a basic knowledge of HTML and Photoshop. The course material was highly structured with hands-on sessions. Now, I am confident that I can design any website to suit my needs and requirements. Infact this has helped me design and develop my site from scratch. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a professional seo expert"

    – Kavya M (SEO / SEM)

    " SEO Trainer @ Siva soft Trainings is a really SEO Guru and knowledgeable SEO expert. He is patient and capable and really goes the extra mile to make sure you understand his SEO subject."

    – Geetha (SEO SEM Training)

    "Good Experience with institute and the way of teaching is very fine. Management is very fine and just one thing i can say teaching of Faculty is very fine."

    – V Rakesh (SEM Training)

    "The indepth knowledge of Faculty as far as how google works and how Adwords operates is something extraordinary. The way he teaches is also very simple that you might learn the most difficult concept with utmost ease ."

    – James (Online SEO / SEM Training)

    "My experience with Faculty is Very Immense, from the point of view to learn SEO and SEM Concepts. Faculty is a really a SEO Guru and by my heart I mean it. He has lots of patience and he goes the extra mile to make you understand the SEO Concepts. I highly recommend to all Online Marketers to take your Advance SEO Training Course from Faculty at Sivasoft and go one more step ahead in your career. Thank you so much!"

    – Lokesh (Bombay (Online SEO/SEM Training))

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    – Syed Chandhu (SEO / SEM Training Hyderabad)

    "I feel great to join in Sivasoft for Web Design, SEO and SEM Training. I learn lots of Techniquies after joining this institute"

    – S manoj Kumar (SEO / SEM Training & Web Design Course)

    "I am glad taking training over here"

    – Priyanka (SEO Training Hyderabad)

    "Sagar has taught me, how I can use simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help my business stay competitive.”

    – Audrey Sarasota , Florida (Online SEO / SEM Training)

    “It was a very good experience especially for someone like me who came all the way from Hyderabd just for this course. I would suggest the seo/sem program to everyone seeking a career in online marketing. The examples, illustrations, case studies and content in the course were really good. Studying at seo/sem indeed helped me get placed in a very good company ”

    – Daniel D’costa, Baroda, Gujarat (Online SEO/SEM Training)

    "After completing my graduation, I thought of going for SEO training as suggested by one of my friend who is in an IT company. Before joining the training, I researched a lot about SEO & its future scope. I came to know, its one of the hottest field in India. When I was about to join a Siva soft training institute Hyderabad, I found this SEO training institute (I am really thankful for that). I went to Mumbai & join this. I don’t think I could get such friendly atmosphere & way of teaching elsewhere."

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    "I had completed 1 successful project with high competitive keywords which boosted my confidence in SEO. I could find a good SEO job in any company but I opted for my own way of making money online with the help of this course & that is what I liked most about this training. I really appreciate & recommend this training to all."

    – Shashi Suman ,USA. (Web Design Course / SEO / SEM / SMO)

    I have already completed SEO training in another institute. Although, I was able to get a job in SEO company but I thought I am missing something. After 1 year, one of my friend suggested me to try this SEO training at Siva soft. Then I got the real meaning of SEO from this training"

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    What I learned in my earlier training was completely different & that was the prime reason I have not promoted to senior SEO in my company. I am 100% confident, not only I will get promoted, I can find a much better job in another company. Thanks for your valuable guidance during this training.

    – Sadique, Mumbai (Online SEO / SEM / SMO)

    I joined for Web designing course in sivasoft, they followed standards in way of teaching is excellent.In future i would like to join for other courses like Jquery and ajax.Iwould recommend this Institute

    – suresh (Web Designing)

    web designing training was excellent and sivasoft is best in dealing with latest versions with updated content.

    – Janardhan (Web Designing)

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    "Glad to listen Kumar sir's teaching and he is really exeptional and his patience and clear clarity on subject made him to have that grip on subject and he explains each and single doubt with very patience and I refer any body to learn ruby on rails in siva soft."

    – kiran kumar (Ruby on rails)

    "Hello, I am suresh I have learned ruby on rails in siva soft and the training is very good and i rate him 5 for his teaching he can fill the subject directly to us and now i feel confident on the subject now."

    – Suresh (Ruby on rails)

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    – Vaishali (Ruby on rails)

    " hello, the training in siva sotware is very good and i am very satisfied with the training and i got a job in banglore, and the sir training was very helpful."

    – Eswar (WebDesigning)

    Learning PHP was a pleasant experience here. faculty has indepth knowledge of all the concepts what ever he is explaining. He follows a perfect methodology of explaining the concepts. I definitely recommend students to join SIVASOFT for their bright future

    – Ramesh (php)

    I joined in sivasoft for php course ,i gain good knowledge in sivasoft and Very Practical approach. Faculty has also been impressive with their wide knowledge.Should discuss some interview related questions at the end of the session,giving good guidence. Clasroom and teaching are really interesting.

    – kamala (PHP,MySql,Joomla,Drupal)

    Hi,i am Satish, I joined Web Designing course in Sivasoft. I think its the best institute for learning web designing and faculty is very friendly with us and he teach everything in realtime examples. So if you want to join web designing course, sivasoft is the Best institute.

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