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FACULTY : Mr.VENKAT(10+Years of Experience)

Module 1:

  • Selenium Introduction
  • Test Automation Introduction.
  • Current Tools in the Market
  • Open Source Vs Licensed Software (Selenium Vs QTP)
  • Selenium Introduction What is Selenium and Why Selenium and History of Selenium?
  • Introduction of Selenium Components IDE, SELENIUM RC and WEB DRIVER
  • Java in Selenium

Module 2:

  • Selenium IDE Introduction What is IDE
  • Installing IDE
  • Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
  • Verification and Assertions
  • Adding Selenium IDE comments
  • Adding Selenium IDE commands
  • Introducing Waits
  • Storing elements from the page
  • Debugging tests
  • Creating test suits and Test cases
  • Handling drop down in IDE and various input boxes
  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Locators
    • Installing Firebug and Fire path
    • Finding IDs of elements on the page with firebug and firepath
    • Identifying Web Elements using ID, Name, Link text
    • Locating by CSS Selectors
    • Tag and ID
    • Tag and Class
    • Tag and Attribute
    • Tag Class and Attribute
    • Inner text
    • Locating by DOM
    • getElementById
    • getElementByName
    • dom: Name
    • dom: index
    • Hands-on-Exercise
  • User Extensions, Alerts, Pop-ups

Module 3:

  • Use of Java in Selenium
  • Setup Java environment – Download JDK, JRE and Setup eclipse
  • Core Java programming concepts
  • Collections
  • Error handling

Module 4:

  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium RC and architecture
  • Starting and stopping server
  • Difference between RC and IDE
  • Working of RC
  • How to create first test with Selenium RC
  • Running test with deafaultSelenium Class
  • Firebug and firepath use Xpath types and use of Xpath in RC
  • Configuring Javadoc in eclipse
  • Handling input box, buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes
  • How to get text of links
  • Drop down list handling – a-select the value- all value
  • How to read title of page using RC
  • Extracting Data from Web table cells
  • Checking if an element/object is present on the page or not
  • Handling JavaScript alert message boxes
  • Concept of window ID
  • Extracting window IDs with Selenium Object reference
  • Tabbed browsing and handling tests with selenium RC
  • Handling popups, performing actions in pop up window
  • Closing popup windows
  • What is a web table and Dynamic web table?
  • Finding number of rows in web table
  • Finding number of columns in Webtable
  • Live example on printing all the values in a dynamic Webtable using Selenium RC
  • Get Table function in Selenium RC
  • Hands on exercise
  • Convert selenium IDE tests in RC

JUnit Framework

  • What is JUnit
  • Installing JUnit in Eclipse
  • Annotations
  • Running a Test using JUnit Assertions
  • Parameterization concept in JUnit with practical
  • How to run test cases in a batch
  • Hands-on Exercise TestNG Framework
  • What is TestNG
  • Configuring TestNG in Eclipse
  • Annotations
  • Test Suites
  • Creating first test case with TestNg
  • TestNg sequencing and prioritizing
  • Skipping a test
  • Running a Test using TestNG Assertions / Error Reporting
  • Parameterization concept in TestNG with practical
  • Parameterization with the help of @Parameters annotation
  • Parameterization with the help of @DataProvider annotation
  • How to create xml file in TesNG
  • How to test cases in a batch
  • TestNg with webdriver

Apache POI introduction

  • Adding POI jar files in project
  • How to read/write data in excel file with apache POI
  • Log4j API introduction  Adding log4j jar files in project
  • How to create log4j.xml file in project root folder
  • Hands on exercise
  • Implemented Apache POI, log4j, TestNg and webdriver in Data Driven Testing project

Module 5:

  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Selenium Web Driver Introduction
  • Features of a Web Driver
  • Web Driver Vs RC
  • Download and Configure Web Driver with Eclipse
  • Configuring Javadoc with eclipse
  • First Test case with web driver
  • Open and Close Browser
  • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE ,Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
  • Web Driver commands
  • Wait commands
  • Browser navigation commands in WD
  • Switch commands use in WD
  • UI elements ,Locators
  • Identifying Web Element using id, name, link text, class, xpath, css
  • Handling various Web Element using Web Driver like dropdown list, text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons etc.
  • How to print all the links present on a web page using Web Driver
  • How to handle dynamic web tables
  • Advanced Selenium 2.0
  • Desired capabilities class working
  • Creating and Use of proxy server with the help of desired capability class
  • Mouse movement with the help of action class
  • How to drag and drop the objects with the help of action class

Module 6:Selenium Grid

  • Testing Frameworks
  • What is framework
  • Types of frameworks
  • Data driven framework
  • Keyword driven framework
  • Hybrid driven framework
  • Page object model Introduction
  • Selenium Automation framework


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