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DURATION : 30hrs
FACULTY : Mr. VIKRAM (8+Years Exp)

Introductions and Setup

  • About the instructor/ Introductions
  • What we're going td: Syllabus Review
  • Sample project images
  • About SketchUp: History, Capabilities and Uses
  • The Difference between 3D and BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Interior Space vs. Exterior Space

Program Setup

  • Opening SketchUp: The Initial Setup “out of the box”
  • Using Single and Multiple Screens
  • Preparing the interface
    • Toolbars and Menus
    • Saving your setup
    • Saving space for laptop use
    • Program Settings
    • Model Infand Preferences
  • Menu Options, Icon review
  • 3D Space: Axes, Views
  • Controlling the camera: Orbiting, Zooming and Panning

Basic Geometry/ Drawing Tools

  • Create Lines
  • Create Rectangles, Squares
  • Create Polygons/Circles
  • Create surfaces from lines, Circles and polygons
  • Triangulation
  • How Sketch Up handles Curves
  • Freehand tool
  • Single and Multiple Selections

3D Geometry Construction Tools

  • Create 3-dimensional geometry
  • Create surfaces from lines in 3D
  • Demonstrate stickiness of geometry in 3D
  • Create geometry with the Push/Pull Tool


  • Cutting
  • Arch Cutouts Using Groups
  • Intersect with Context and Selected

Painting, Materials, and Textures

  • Applying Materials
  • Editing Materials
  • Using Images as Textures
  • Material Collections
  • Material Translucency
  • Double-Sided Faces
  • Materials of Groups and Components
  • Overview of Materials of Groups
  • Double-Sided Faces of Groups
  • Materials of Components
  • Wrapping Images

Adding Text and Dimensions

  • Text
  • Measuring Length and Area
  • Dimensions
    • Creating Dimensions
    • Dimension Display and Properties
    • Dimensioning Using the Text Tool
  • 3D Text

Miscellaneous Basic Exercises

  • Healing a Divided Line
  • Smoothing Faces of Rotate-Copied Curved Objects


  • Sectioning Overview
  • Using Sections for Interior Design
  • Using Section Planes tCreate Floor Plans


  • Pre-Defined Styles
  • Push/Pull with Modifier Keys
  • Lock inferences

Modification Tools

  • Move, Copy
  • Using Move tResize Curves and Curved Surfaces
  • Rotate, Copy
    • Defining the Rotation Axis
    • Using Rotate tTwist
  • Scaling and Resizing
  • Offsetting Lines and faces
  • Follow Me
    • Follow Me with Components
    • Round Objects
  • Autfold
  • Displaying and Smoothing Edges

Making Multiple Copies

  • Internal Arrays
  • Non-Orthogonal Copies
  • Multiple Rotated Copies

Groups and Components

  • The differences between Groups and Components
  • The importance of structuring your models with Groups and Components
  • Demonstration of Component inferencing behavior and characteristics
  • Creating and Saving Your Own Components
  • How tedit a Component
  • Removing Objects from a Group or Components
    • Scaling Components
    • Resizing Components
  • Healing the edge of adjacent components
  • Work with the Components Browser
    • Finding Components in the 3D Warehouse
    • Opening the 3D Warehouse
  • Editing Styles
    • Model Display
    • Styles: Edge Settings
    • Styles: Face Settings
    • Styles: Background Settings
    • Styles: Watermarks Settings
    • Styles: Modeling Settings
  • Saving Your Style as a Template
  • Mixing Styles
  • Watermarks and Backgrounds
  • Sketchy Edges and the SketchUp “look”

Imaging and Presentation

  • Using Scenes/Creating Camera views
  • Using Layers
    • Using Layers tHide Objects
    • Using Layers for Labeled Presentations and tSimulate Animation
    • Using Layers tExplore Design Options
    • Using Layers of Groups and Components
  • Interior Manipulations, I.e. Field of View
  • Lighting and Shadows
  • Creating a solar study
  • Fog
  • Exporting tJPG and other formats
  • Exporting your model
  • Examples of different presentation techniques

A Taste of Animations

  • Short Sample Vide
  • Animation set up
  • Creating Walk-Through Scenes
  • Adding and Updating Scenes
  • Using Sections and Styles in an Animation
  • Creating and saving an animation

Finishing Up


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