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FACULTY : Mr. ASHOK KUMAR(7+Years exp)
  • Introduction to DevOps
    • Learning Objectives
    • DevOps Overview
    • The Relationship Between Agile and DevOps
    • DevOps Toolchain
    • DASA DevOps Principles
    • Challenges with the Traditional Approach
    • Addressing Challenges Through DevOps
    • Overview of DevOps Tools
    • Best Practices for DevOps
    • Categories of DevOps Tools
    • DevSecOps and its Manifesto
    • Workflow of DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Version Control Systems
    • Learning Objectives
    • Overview of Version Control Systems
    • Role of Version Control Systems
    • Types of Control Systems and Their Supporting Tools
    • Overview of Git
    • Overview of Source code and Version Control Hosts
    • Deploy the Files to GitHub via Git
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Build Tools
    • Learning Objectives
    • Overview and Importance of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
    • Overview and Features of Jenkins
    • Set up Jenkins
    • Overview and the Features of TeamCity
    • Set up TeamCity
    • Build Tools and Their Uses
    • Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Maven
  • Software and Automation Testing Frameworks
    • Learning Objectives
    • Software Testing Overview
    • Testing Levels Approaches and Automation Tools
    • Test-Driven Development Approach with JUnit 5
    • Behavior-Driven Development Principles: Cucumber and Its Applications
    • Behavior-Driven Development Approach with Cucumber
  • Configuration Management Tools
    • Learning Objectives
    • Overview of Configuration Management Tools
    • Managing Infrastructure
    • Types of Configuration Management Tools
    • Overview of Puppet
    • Demonstrate Puppet Configuration
    • Overview of Chef
    • Demonstrate Chef Configuration
    • Overview of Ansible
    • Set Up Apache Web Server Using Ansible
    • Overview of SaltStack
    • Comparison of Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and SaltStack
    • Lesson-end Project: Set Up MySQL database using Ansible
  • Containerization with Docker
    • Learning Objectives
    • Overview of Docker
    • Overview of Virtualization
    • Docker Installation on Multiple OS
    • MySQL Database in Docker Container
    • Docker Installation on Multiple OS
    • Using Docker Compose to Manage a Container
    • Docker Registry
    • Run Docker Registry with CentOS
    • Docker Networking
    • Demonstrate Docker Networking with Two SSHs
  • Continuous Monitoring
    • Learning Objectives
    • Overview of Continuous Monitoring
    • Types of Monitoring Systems
    • Demonstrate Nagios
    • Working with Nagios Monitoring Tool
    • Overview of Grafana
    • ELK Stack
  • Need of Cloud in DevOps
    • Learning Objectives
    • Overview of Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Services and Models
    • Using AWS in DevOps
    • Kubernetes
    • Add a Linux Node to the Kubernetes Cluster


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